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  2. Actress suffers wardrobe malfunctionThe Times of India(14 hours ago)3
  3. Confirmed: Divyanka and Ssharad part waysThe Times of India(4 hours ago)2
  4. Bhumi surprises fans in a slimmer avatarThe Times of India(20 hours ago)2
  5. Salman sniffs camphor mix to avoid swine fluThe Times of India(19 hours ago)2
  6. '50 Shades' 'record' $486.2M at box-officeThe Times of India(11 hours ago)2
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  8. Double Roles in upcoming Bollywood filmsThe Times of India(4 hours ago)1
  9. Sakshi to enter Itna Karo Na Mujhe PyaarThe Times of India(20 hours ago)1
  10. Sunny's film delayed due to the untimely rainsThe Times of India(19 hours ago)1

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